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Bloons TD 6 Fan-Hero "Franziska"

Well ain't I just blowing up.
Here's Franziska, my "Fan-hero" for the game "Bloons TD 6". It was made to get the attention of the Ninja Kiwi art team in their Dundee office, and while I'm not sure if that has happened, I am sure that someone at NK has seen it, enjoyed it, and added it to Ninja Kiwi's site video page!! Even if nothing becomes of it, this is still a huge landmark for me. Youtubers I had watched were commenting on the video as well... It's all a bit surreal. I need to calm.
This is something I worked on for about a week, but had been planning for most of December. I deliberately kept this from the public for two reasons.
One: There was potential in this for a fake "leak". Imagine how viral this would have gone had people thought it was real! ...I was advised not to do this.
Two: If I had posted it as soon as it was done, nobody would have cared- NK had gone on their holidays, and had just released the steam version. It's because of this that it got this much attention.

Calum donaghy fransiska bg6

Everything apart from the hero art at the left is not mine, and is the intellectual property of Ninja Kiwi. Except the stuff I forged to make a hero template. That was me.

Calum donaghy franziska20

Fransizka fully leveled.

Please enjoy my forged game play of a fake character I created for an existing game.