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End of year show video (Best 2nd year + Best in show award)

This video is basically three videos edited together. It features my end of year show video, my graded unit 2 and my show reel. My End of year show video is just a great big dance party featuring some of my favourite characters. The graded unit 2 video is an animation featuring two characters walking, running, jumping and resting. The show reel isn't anything new, and shows my work prior to the graded unit.

We were assigned our graded units and I shot off right away to work on mine. I found myself far ahead of schedule, as I had completely finished my two character designs by the end of my first week. The rest was simply a meticulous amount of planning, and the whole project just fell into place!

The video! This was shown in a full room to students and visitors to the show. I feel honoured!

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The full poster- had to shrink it down to get it onto facebook but the full thing was printed and hung at the show.