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Outside of School [CHROMA!]

I had a big sign on the front of the building that said "SCHOOL" in comic sans. After a while I started asking people if they could tell what it was (after removing the sign) and I realized I didn't need it. Input is a great thing to have!

This school has been the bane of my existence since last week- it was more or less ready last Tuesday, but I overhauled the whole thing after sketching it- I realized it looked very little like a school.

This school's textures have had all of the saturation taken out of them. Since the characters see items of interest in colour, this shows that nobody is interested in school. There's nothing wrong with the school, but there's a teacher who doesn't seem to like our three main characters, and this makes school a very dull place for the poor kids.

I look forward to modeling the teacher.

I can't tell if this is too dark.

I can't tell if this is too dark.